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Please note: when I prescribe controlled substances, I prescribe them at low doses.

As an example: when I prescribe Adderall, I never, even after months of dose titration, prescribe doses higher than 40mg total per day.  I say this because I know there are some potential clients who could find this problematic, and I feel they deserve to know before choosing a provider.

You will be treated with dignity in our office.

 We are welcoming to people from all over the world and all different religions and ethnicities. We are LGBT-friendly. Clients accepted are age 18 and older.  


The Baycare Employee Health Plan is the only insurance plan I accept.  The plans accepted are as follows:

Baycare Choice Share

Baycare Choice Premium

Baycare Choice HSA

For all other insurance plans, I am considered an out-of-network provider.  For clients with plans for which I am out-of-network, I provide detailed receipts that clients may submit to their insurance on their own if they wish to do so.

Appointment prices for clients with plans for which I am out-of-network: 

Clients I already know and have treated (2011-2018) will pay $80 for each standard medication management appointment, which usually lasts 10-15 minutes.  Some of my clients prefer to speak with me longer, 20-30 minutes.  Please let us know at the time of scheduling if you have this preference, and we will quote a price for that. 


New client prices:

First appointment (usually 30-60 minutes): $250.

Second appointment (usually 10-30 minutes): $120.

Third and subsequent appointments (usually 10-15 minutes): $80.