Is this office right for you?


Please note: when I prescribe controlled substances, I prescribe them at low doses.

As an example: when I prescribe Adderall, I never, even after months of dose titration, prescribe doses higher than 40mg total per day.  I say this because I know there are some potential clients who could find this problematic, and I feel they deserve to know before choosing a provider.

You will be treated with dignity in our office.

 We are welcoming to people from all over the world and all different religions and ethnicities. We are LGBT-friendly. Clients accepted are age 18 and older.  


I do not take insurance.  I provide detailed receipts that clients may submit to their insurance on their own if they wish to do so. 

Appointment prices: 

Clients I already know and have treated (2011-2018) will pay $80 for each standard medication management appointment, which usually lasts 10-15 minutes.  Some of my clients prefer to speak with me longer, 20-30 minutes.  Please let us know at the time of scheduling if you have this preference, and we will quote a price for that. 


New client prices:

First appointment (usually 30-60 minutes): $250.

Second appointment (usually 10-30 minutes): $120.

Third and subsequent appointments (usually 10-15 minutes): $80.  

Why don't you take insurance?

More and more psychiatrists and therapists are moving away from taking insurance.  It is common for a psychiatrist to stop taking insurance after years of practice.  This is the case for me.  I accepted Medicare and six other major insurance plans for seven years, and provided care to veterans and the under-served for four years before that.  I don't want this to be a hardship for anybody, but I know it will be a hardship for some, and I am deeply sorry for that.  The upside is that not involving insurance can enhance client privacy.  Also, my wait time for new patient appointments is shorter than that of psychiatrists who take insurance.