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 Stress…anxiety…depression…insomnia…bipolar disorder… ADHD…these conditions cause bewilderment and exhaustion for the people who suffer from them.  By the time a person decides to see a psychiatrist, he or she has usually been suffering for quite a while and needs plenty of support, understanding, and guidance.   


 Listening is the most important part of my job.  My objective is to listen closely to your story so that I develop a thorough understanding of who you are as a person, what bothers you, and what is important to you.  My clients often tell me that they feel at ease with me right away and that they were surprised to meet a psychiatrist who is so personable.  


The second most important part of my job is maintaining an extensive fund of knowledge in psychopharmacology.  Unlike most psychiatrists, I do not have a few favorite psychotropic medications that I prescribe to everyone.  There is a huge arsenal of medicines for treating psychiatric illness, and almost any medication can be the perfect one for the right person.  The trick is in identifying which medication will be right for which individual.  My approach is customized to each client.  Based on your symptoms, your concerns, your medication history, and your medical conditions, I can predict with a high degree of accuracy how you will respond to a specific psych med…getting you to the right treatment, faster.  I will explain the medication’s mechanism of action, why I think it is the right one for you, and how to take it properly in order to avoid side effects. 



 At this point, I provide only psychiatric medication management.  Many (but not all) of my patients see me and a therapist.  During your appointment, I can provide referrals to good therapists in the area. 


 Let me help you feel like yourself again.  

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